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Give Your Finances a Health Check Before You Turn 50

Just Like Your Health, Early Diagnosis of Financial Issues Gives You a Much Better Chance of Living Your Best Life in The Future.

When my friend Mark told me he had been diagnosed with a nasty cancer, I feared the worst.


Fortunately, he’d discovered this as a result of his annual health check for work and it had been found very early, so his prognosis was very positive (thankfully he’s since been given the all-clear).


No one in their 40s looks forward to an obligatory annual health check and whilst some people who work for larger employers may be provided with a free check-up few people who work for smaller businesses, own their own business or are self-employed will voluntarily pay for one. At best we’re too busy and at worst we’re all starting to creak and fear what the results might be.


And yet we read time and time again that early diagnosis is so often the difference between a positive and negative outcome.


So, it’s important to face up to it, especially as you reach 50.


No one in their 40s looks forward to reading their pension documentation and even fewer relish contemplating what might happen to their loved ones if they died.


And yet many of us wonder whether or not we will have enough money set aside for the future, or if our loved ones would be adequately provided for if we weren’t around.


The sooner you address these thoughts, the more options you will have to do something about any issues you find.


Therefore, as with your health, reviewing your finances and understanding where you are is so often the difference between a positive and a negative financial outcome in life, especially if you do this before you reach 50.


Our clients often tell us that the main benefit they derive from letting us help them comes directly from addressing these often subconscious fears about the future, then putting in place strategies to ensure that their future is secure.


We do this by:

·         listening to your individual circumstances

·         pulling together a complete record of your current situation

·         helping you and your loved ones fully understand that situation

·         helping you think through what a secure future means to you

·         creating bespoke strategies to ensure that you achieve that future


Don’t leave your financial check up until it’s too late.

Give us a call today on 020 3488 9505 to give yourself the best chance possible to address any potential issues and missed opportunities with your finances and to live your best life.

The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less

than you invested.

Tax and Estate planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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